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Re: Witam się!

Postprzez StevenSom » niedziela, 8 maja 2022, 23:48

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Super Master Pocket Droid
Super Master Pocket Droid
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Re: Witam się!

Postprzez StevenSom » poniedziałek, 30 maja 2022, 03:54

Please try the trial first, if you are satisfied with the trial version, then get the full version.
This allows you to record Macro's and Macro's are the shortest commands you can type to make an object do something like a web click, or slide a window or even have a window fade in or out.
It has over 100 Macro's and you can use key letters to define your Macro's.
KEYMACRO is only available to NET-ZONE members.
KEYMACRO works best when the objects you wish to record Macro's on are focused on and not zoomed out, (as in Internet Explorer).
Requires Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 98 or better.
The trial version has limited functionality but is all you need to try the program.
Full Version of the Keymacro includes many of the same features but includes many more features not available in the trial version.
Please visit our website at www.netzone.net for all of the available features.

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Please note that KeyMACRO is a beta version. We will update it when we have the opportunity and it is no longer beta. We guarantee that it will work as it does in the trial. In the event there is a problem or the trial version is no longer available please contact us to request a refund.

I think it is a useful thing, but I'm a bit puzzled about how to enter the Hotlist and how to upload photos. I would like to suggest that there is a possibility to copy/paste the Hotlist to the clipboard.

It can be handy to monitor your guest...and it's a very simple to use program, but i believe there is no way to extract the video clip to a dvd or other video formats.

It can also be handy to see who is actually in the room at your home and for whome the activity is monitored.Q:

Add new column with different values in DataFrame based on the existence of another column value

I am using python pandas to create a new data frame for my analysis
I have a data frame (df) with 4 columns:
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Super Master Pocket Droid
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Re: Witam się!

Postprzez StevenSom » piątek, 3 cze 2022, 10:20

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Super Master Pocket Droid
Super Master Pocket Droid
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